How It Works

Our system is built with sustainability in mind. Users are paid in AdzBrick Token which can exchanged to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherem at exchanges. Payments are only accepted in ADZB.

Our Salient Features

AdzBrick Token - Ecosystem
Token Distribution Based on Minting Power
Free Members Can Mint One Ad Per Day

About Adzbrick

We are a group of marketers who are working in the online marketing industry for more than 8 years. We have an extensive knowledge of how online marketing works. Along with that, we have also worked with top companies and helped them grow their brand presence on the Internet. We have a vast experience in marketing and how to implement a system which can work for our advertisers. We deliver your ads to the people who are interested in your product. We believe that advertisements are the backbone of any online business and Adzbrick is the solution for your business.

How Can You Earn?

We have our own token called AdzBrick Token which is used on the Ethereum network.

By minting ads, user will be able to generate new tokens which will be sent to their account. Each ad will generate token. Our tokens can only be minted by viewing ads.

More ads you view, the more tokens you generate. It is same like mining Bitcoin or any other coin. In mining you provide hash power and earn fee, but in AdzBrick you view ads and generate tokens.

Ads Minting Limits

Holding Or Staking Your Tokens

You have to buy a staking package which will increase your minting power. Price of the token will remain 10 cents during pre-launch. After 35 days of the pre-launch, we will go live on an exchange, then price in USD will be determined by the exchange. Remember, you can only buy AdZB token from the exchange we will list on and deposit them back to your account and get staking pack. Staking packs are not investments; these are tokens you are holding in order to get more ADZB Tokens by watching more ads. Your staking pack will expire after 365 days and all your tokens will be returned back to your account.

About ADZB Token

ADZB is the key token for our ecosystem. All the new features or advertisement services we offer will be paid in ADZB Tokens. These tokens will not be sold in an ICO. We are here to help the Crypto Community with this unique business.

ADZB Specifications : Decimal : 18 Total Supply : 85,000,000

Burning Of ADZB Tokens?

Every year we will burn some tokens from the profit we make from advertisements. We will keep burning tokens till we decrease the supply to 50 million.