Frequently Asked Questions

Adzbrick is an advertisement ecosystem designed for the advertisers and publishers to get the best advertisement services for their product.
Yes, you can earn as a free member. All the members who join our website will have 1 minting power as default. You can also refer more people and earn 10% referral commission on their staked amount and up to 50% (will be reduced later) for the advertisement services they will buy.
Only 1 account per person is allowed. If you will try to cheat the system you will be banned automatically.
There is no limit on how much you can earn. It depends on you how much minting power you have.
Minting power determines how much you can contribute to the ecosystem. More minting power you have more ads you can mint and more ADZB token you can generate.
ADZB tokens are the core product of Adzbrick. We only accept payments in ADZB tokens for advertisement payments and also pay back in ADZB tokens.
During Prelaunch till 20 June you can accumulate as much token as you can by minting daily ads. As we fully launched you will be able to trade ADZB token on top exchanges where you can exchange them against BTC. We are already negotiating with different exchanges but we will disclose it on launch.
Those who contribute to our network will be rewarded with ADZB tokens. It is same like miners earn fees in the BTC mining. Adzbrick is an advertisement ecosystem so it will reward those who will contribute to the ecosystem.
We have a lot of future plans we can not disclose right now because of competency in the business. But What we can assure is Adzbrick will be the best alternate of existing advertisement platforms like Adsense.
Please use contact us form in order to get fast support from us.